P2V – Converting your old machines, or: how to get rid of 0x0000007B

Converting your old windows machines into a virtual machines can be quiet tricky. you can use good backup software for doing a backup of the machine and restore it in a virtual machine. the backup software cares of driver issues.
propably you’ve had for your old machine already a license for your machine and you won’t need a new license as your workload doesn’t change when it’s in a new environment (doing a backup from with the vm). so why buying a piece of software just to migrate?

it can be much easier in a few steps:
1. clone your existing drives with disk2vhd. this requires that your vss provider is running.
remark: don’t use the “virtual pc” checkbox from the tool. this changes the HAL of the machine which causes the new vm in hyperv to be really slow (especially when preparing the network on boot)
2. mount the vhd in a windows 2008 (r2) or windows 7 machine.
3. mount the registry of the mounted drive with “reg load”
i.e.: reg load HKLM\test c:\mount\windows\system32\config\software
4. ensure that the drivers loaded in the vm are just the required ones and match the drivers from your hypervisor.
in case of hyperv you can just get the list here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/michs/archive/2011/09/16/p2v-migration-issues-with-hyper-v-stop-0x0000007b.aspx
5. create the vm, power up and drink a cup of coffee while removing old hardware-related software from the machine as they are no longer needed
6. install the virtual machine drivers

by the way: as you don’t need a restore for this process you save some serious time. just convert your disk, to this few steps and you’re done. a full backup and restore takes more time :-)

so have some fun with this.

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